With Australia’s largest grain crop in history last year 20/21…. Where is it all going to go?Bury It?, Install more silo’s? Buy heaps of grain bags? Sell it cheap? Who is going to buy it?
China has secured barley & canola contracts with our colonial friends Canada, who apparently now own over 60% of Australia’s agricultural water… Hmmm.
Other barley suppliers secured by China are Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and not a surprise the EU.
Barley, said to be the fastest growing and most resilient weed mother nature ever created will be under enormous pricing pressure in 2022. Last year we published a video produced by the DPI – on how to properly bury cereal grains- recommended in 2022 again.
Riverina Crop Tour.
Last weekend I visited the Riverina and not surprisingly I noticed 100’s of hectares of amazing looking canola crops. Canola pricing has skyrocketed in 2021 so as in most high pricing years growers have decided to gamble on canola in 2022. Good luck, and even if the mid September – mid October frosts threaten canola yields; the copious amounts planted should still see one of the largest canola crops ever produced in Australia.