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Product Buy/Sell Grade/Type QTY Contract Region City/Town Delivery Season Offer $ Bid $
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* Categories Include Traditionally Grown and Organic Produce

Grains - Pulses - Oilseeds - Planting Seeds
Protein Pellets - Meals - Feed Mixes - Hay & Fodder
Blended Fertilisers - Organic Fertilisers


The buyer is asking willing sellers/suppliers to offer them the product they are looking for. To make offers to buyers, click on the listing & submit your offer quantity & your indicative target selling price.

The seller is asking willing buyers to submit a quantity & indicative target buying price that the buyers are willing to pay per unit for the sellers listed product or service.

Price expectation will be given upon making an enquiry

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Please Note This Website Is Not a Brokerage or Auction Website.

It Is a Buyer Seller Connection Service. After June 30 2021 We Propose a Membership Based Listing Fee Charged On Number & Duration Of Listings.
As A Member You Get All Enquiries Sent Directly To Your Email Address So You Can Then Deal and Negotiate Directly With The Buyer or Seller.

We Will Not Charge “A Per Tonne Fee” Which Is What Brokers do, Saving You Time and Money and the Benefit of Building Up Your Customer Database and Grow Your Business.

As with all trades, once the price and terms have been agreed we pass on the details to both parties. Your listing enquiries if you are a buyer or seller are passed on to you as the “Lister” . If you register as a Farmer Grower / Breeder, Trader / Broker or Merchant then you manage your own leads and negotiate directly with the person or company making an enquiry on your listing.

Please Note - registering as a Farmer Grower/Breeder, Supplier, Trader, Merchant or Broker attracts a small fee per listing or annual membership fee. There is no fee charged for buyers making bids on any listings.


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